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Coffee Break Companion – The First 12 Reviews

6 month offerAs my fellow self-published authors will know those first few reviews mean so much to us and I thought it would be nice to share some of the lovely reviews I have received, as the six month anniversary of publication of Coffee Break Companion is next week.

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Different Types of Editing – how to choose what level you need as a writer

When I published Coffee Break Companion I acquired the services of an editor to help polish off my manuscript before I uploaded it to Createspace. Deciding who to use, and what services I required was a challenge, as I had no idea of the range of services available, where to look for an editor, or what help I needed to ensure my manuscript was publication ready. It’s a minefield for the uninitiated, but hopefully this post will help a little.

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Author Interview – Lavinia Urban The Dating Game Series

LA1Today I welcome Lavinia Urban, author of The Dating Game book series to the blog. The latest of the series is out this month, so let’s find out a bit more about the author… Continue reading “Author Interview – Lavinia Urban The Dating Game Series”

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The True Cost of Self-publishing

Since I published my book people seem to think I’ll be reaping the rewards. Truth of the matter, it will be a long time before I even make back what it has cost me… if ever! Here’s why… Continue reading “The True Cost of Self-publishing”