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Best real ale pubs in Redditch – guest post by Robert

Wetherspoon - The Royal Enfield - The Old Cine...
Wetherspoon – The Royal Enfield – The Old Cinema – Unicorn Hill, Redditch (Photo credit: ell brown)

With traditional British pubs closing at an alarming rate, it’s great to find a place that still has lots of knowledgeable barmen offering proper craft beer on tap in cosy surroundings. If you love a decent real ale or craft beer, you have to pay Redditch a visit. Here are some of the highlights of the local beer scene…

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Pool Match – Golden Girls vs Stoppit

What do you get when you combine a scantily clad all girls pool team, an all alpha-male pool team, sex-shop toys, a pub and a pool match?

The game between the Golden Girls and Stoppit – that’s what!

Yes, on Wednesday evening we had what is set to be the most interesting pool match of the season, I’m pretty sure it would be hard to top this night, which is a challenge for us, the Golden Girls, now as we have another match against Stoppit before the season is over!!

Let me tell you how things went down…

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The Death of Great British Traditions – Public Houses

The interior of a typical English pub, in this...
The interior of a typical English pub, in this case the Penruddocke Arms, which lies between Dinton and Wilton in Wiltshire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A number of great British traditions are dying and it can all be linked back to one thing – The Government. Not just the current one, this is something Labour, Liberal Democrats and Conservatives can all take the blame for.

It all started with alcohol, the death of the local public house. Sure, there are still pubs, but there are not as many and they are not what the used to be. Over 4500 Uk pubs have closed down since 2008. In reality I am too young to remember properly the ‘old’ pub lifestyle. I wasn’t one of those kids who grew up in a ‘pub’ family. My parents rarely frequented the local smoke-filled bars, but I am aware of what these places were like to a degree. Continue reading “The Death of Great British Traditions – Public Houses”

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This time last year – April BPD crisis

Image Credit - 'Given Up' by Melverry

What a difference a year makes…

Or does it?

Have things changed a lot for me, for you, over the past year?

Where were you this time last year?

Earlier this month I mentioned being concerned about April and how it always seems to bring some of my worst BPD problems, last year was probably the worst ever for that.

Let me tell you where I was this time last year…

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