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Performing Arts as Therapy for BPD – Guest Post by Lucie

English: Emotions
Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those of us with BPD know that finding the right help, support and treatment is vital to breaking the vicious cycles of crisis and so many treatments and therapies fall short of providing that much-needed boost that can lead to recovery. Here Lucie shares how getting involved in performing arts has been therapeutic and helped her with understanding emotions… Continue reading “Performing Arts as Therapy for BPD – Guest Post by Lucie”

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5 Great Things People say about me – and why I can’t believe them…

Borderline personality sufferers often like to...
Borderline personality sufferers often like to present themselves with an image that is “bad”; in ways including wearing “gothic” style clothing, heavy makeup, and other unusual fashion statements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that it is not just down to having Borderline Personality Disorder that I have this problem, I know that people who don’t have BPD also have this problem.

The problem is the inability to accept compliments. Continue reading “5 Great Things People say about me – and why I can’t believe them…”

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Mental Health Monday – Christmas with the Cluster B Personality Disorders

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day!?

While you wallow in the aftermath of the festivities before the next round kicks in for New Year I thought I would give you a bit of a laugh at my expense with another mini comic strip sharing some of my latest realisations about my BPD and some related Cluster B Personality Disorders…

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Help! I’ve just been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder… A reference list

I know how you feel!

When I was first diagnosed with Borderline personality Disorder I panicked I had never heard of it, didn’t have a clue what it meant – so the first thing I did was Google it! Scary stuff! The first thing I read was the Wikipedia entry for BPD and while it made disturbing reading I was at the same time checking off all the things it said that matched me – pretty much everything! It confirmed to me that it was clearly an accurate diagnosis but I still had no clue where to look for accurate, helpful information. Having now read a lot about BPD myself I thought it would be helpful to share a variety of the resources that I have found helpful, hence this post…

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Reinventing self… The BPD unstable sense of self and identity rears its ugly head again

Split Identity

I had reached a point where I stopped posting at weekends, to give my readers a break (as my posts are usually very long and people don’t have time to keep up with everything) and also to give myself time to write my posts and work on other things, such as my life story, studies and life in general. But now I’m doing a 30 day challenge, not posting at weekends seems like cheating, but I was going to stick with my not posting rule, having already got 2 full weeks of posts scheduled. But sometimes you just need to let stuff out and scheduling it for later in the month just doesn’t feel right. Hence, today’s post. It starts with random sentences, things that came to my mind last night, then goes on to explain what these things mean to me…

I’ve been here before, too many times to count.

yesterday I signed the papers that officially end my employment.

another door closes

I lock the door on it and throw away the key.

Combined with other recent events another version of me is gone

another identity

time to reinvent myself again

who will I be this time

where will I go, what will I do

unstable sense of self and identity

never knowing who I am

looking back at versions I don’t recognise

who was that person?

where is she now?

I realised that this is a pattern in my life, one that is integral to my Borderline Personality (BPD) diagnosis. I adapt my personality to ‘fit in’ to a given situation or role, I am what people in that context expect me to be, but this is not a thing I do by choice it just comes natural to me and the reason for this is that it is the ‘unstable sense of self and identity’ one of the key diagnostic criteria for BPD. And once for whatever reason I am no longer in that situation, the person, version of me, who was there dies, vanishes and it is like she never existed at all. Even more so if there has been any kind of trauma associated with the reasons for ‘moving’ on as then all connections with that place and time are also cut dead. Sometimes I grieve for the passing if it had been a good time, other times I look back and just think ‘huh, so what’ .

But the worst part about it is it seems I am doomed to repeat these cycles, as I have since as far back as I can remember from early childhood I can picture ‘me’ social, with ‘friends’, picture me after that phase ends ‘me’ loner, reclusive, again as a teenager, again in early adulthood, again, again, again… Only a few close long-term friends, all others gone with the wind – those few close ones are the important ones, but the others left their marks in many ways – memories good and bad, trust and betrayal, closeness and distance. And each of them would describe me (if you were to ask) in different ways, those that see me as the quiet, shy, studious girl would not recognise the girl who others knew – confident , loud, life and soul of the party – precious few have seen/know that both are one and the same. this is the manifestation of unstable sense of self and identity – I do not know who I am, how can anyone else?

I adapt to the given situation like a chameleon changing colour to suit its background. This is not an art, nor a deception, this is a very real version of me. It draws people in, attracts them (in more ways than one!) people love me, want to know me – but to also fosters massive amounts of jealousy, people hate how friendly, popular, attractive, clever and interesting I am (I’m not being big-headed here, another thing those that dislike me assume – I am recounting what others say about me – cause I just don’t see what they see). All those wondrous things that make people want to know me also make people want to hurt and destroy me – and some have gone to extreme lengths to do just that at times. Others fear me (why? again I do not know) and will keep their distance. I can connect with ease to people from all walks of life, from young to old, rich to poor, clever to uneducated… the list goes on.

So, the chameleon like ways of having an unstable sense of self and identity have their benefits because I can ‘fit in’ anywhere, but like I say at the same time I don’t fit in anywhere… I have just locked away two other versions of me, at work I was quiet, kept my head down and just did what was needed (other than being off  with BPD), the other persona was a loud, fun party girl version of me – known by everyone the ‘centre of attention’ in the pub. So who am I at this moment in time?

As I sit here writing, studying, reading, it seems this reclusive persona is the current leading contender, but staying in all the time wears me down too. I was juggling all three recently, now there is just this one. I know that there needs to be a balance to fulfil all my needs but where do I start. It feels like I am having to constantly re-invent myself, time will tell where I go from here. I wonder how much of these different elements of my personality come out in my writings – can you see a different version of me in the different things I write?