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Poem – Changing

She hold’s her head high and laughs

change (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

(her tears won’t fall any more)

She puts on a pretty dress and dances
(her legs won’t walk any more)

She raise her voice and sings
(her words won’t speak any more)

She gives her body and loves
(her heart won’t feel any more)

She parties hard and fast
(her life won’t live any more)

But then when she expects it least…

Her tears flow
(She has found release)

Her legs stride
(She has found strength)

Her words flow freely
(She has found courage)

Her heart beats
(She has found happiness)

Her life moves on
(She has found freedom)

Change is a choice, not an option, and only you can do it…

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Performing Arts as Therapy for BPD – Guest Post by Lucie

English: Emotions
Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those of us with BPD know that finding the right help, support and treatment is vital to breaking the vicious cycles of crisis and so many treatments and therapies fall short of providing that much-needed boost that can lead to recovery. Here Lucie shares how getting involved in performing arts has been therapeutic and helped her with understanding emotions… Continue reading “Performing Arts as Therapy for BPD – Guest Post by Lucie”

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Medical Wisdom: How to Naturally Boost Your Mood – Guest Post by Amelia


Mood (Photo credit: Ethan Hein)

We could all use a serotonin boost every once in awhile  Some days things just aren’t going our way, and some days – no matter how good the day is going – we just can’t seem to find any happiness. People living with Borderline Personality Disorder especially have trouble when it comes to navigating their way out of challenging mood swings. Whenever the going gets tough, however, it’s nice to turn to a host of holistic remedies to get through crappy moods. If you’re looking for a few natural medicines to get you through your down days, here are three reliable ones to turn to. Continue reading “Medical Wisdom: How to Naturally Boost Your Mood – Guest Post by Amelia”

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Healthy Boundaries: How to support, but not enable, your BPD friend – Guest Post by Leslie


I often get messages from people asking how to manage their friendship with a person with BPD so when Leslie offered this guest post about just that issue I was very keen to share it with you all, hope you find it helpful! Many thanks to Leslie for writing it!

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder is difficult. It’s not like a seasonal cold where you can take medicine and feel better the next day; it takes a lot of hard work, therapy, and medication to cope with this unpredictable disorder. Although BPD is rare in our society, you may know a person that is living with this plaguing diagnosis, believe it or not. Oftentimes, you don’t even have to confirm if a person is diagnosed with BPD; it can be obvious just from your interaction and familiarity with their lifestyle, personality, and emotional well-being.

It’s difficult to form and maintain relationships with people that have BPD, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. People with BPD shouldn’t be ostracized simply because of their trials and tribulations; in fact, they need friends and family by their side in order to successfully cope. If you know someone with BPD, here are three tips for maintaining a healthy relationship with them. Continue reading “Healthy Boundaries: How to support, but not enable, your BPD friend – Guest Post by Leslie”

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Recovery from BPD is an ongoing battle…

English: Emotions Q-sort
English: Emotions Q-sort (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last couple of weeks have been hard work, it has made me question again my ‘recovery’ status as I have not been doing well and have discovered that I don’t have the emotional stability I thought I had.

Don’t get me wrong I have handled it much better than I would have a few months ago, so the progress made is not lost, but there is still a way to go and a daily battle of wills with myself to keep on top of it all. I have had strong urges to self-harm but not given in to them, I have had some intense emotions but have overcome them with out overreacting, so I guess that’s good work, but the battle is really hard again at the moment due to the things that have brought my mood down.

There have been a few things that have triggered these difficulties coping… Continue reading “Recovery from BPD is an ongoing battle…”