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Borderline Personality Disorder, Recovery and Me in 2013

Road to Recovery
Road to Recovery

October was the last time I posted here, and my stats sure show an understandably huge decline in readership – why come here if there is nothing new to read after all. A double-edged sword…

I miss the camaraderie of conversing with my fellow bloggers and keeping up with how everyone is getting on but at the same time that I do not ‘need’ my blog and reading others as a crutch to help me cope with what is still a very busy, emotional and challenging life is a clear indication of how much better I am now than I was.

That said, this may end up being a post of more than one part, as I don’t want to bore you senseless droning on for hours, but I do have a lot to cover in this long overdue update. I’m going to start with the most important topic (blog wise) BPD after all it was writing about living with Borderline Personality Disorder that really caused my blog to take off and draw people in so for my readers knowing how much this effects me now is certainly the most important thing they are interested in – for hope, inspiration and encouragement that they too can recover, so here goes… Continue reading “Borderline Personality Disorder, Recovery and Me in 2013”

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Beyond BPD – Stability and the lack of Symptoms

English: Borderline personality sufferers ofte...
English: Borderline personality sufferers often like to present themselves with an image that is “bad”; in ways including wearing “gothic” style clothing, heavy makeup, and other unusual fashion statements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I stated in my recent post I have been experiencing a period of relative stability for a while now. Whether this is remission, recovery or will last remains to be seen but for now it’s all good. I thought it would be helpful, to me and others, to examine the DSM IV criteria for BPD and how I stand in relation to each currently… Continue reading “Beyond BPD – Stability and the lack of Symptoms”

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On my way back to blogging

bpd (Photo credit: Jackal1)

Once again it has been some time since I lasted posted properly on here, okay I popped a post up on Friday but you know what I mean ūüėČ

Initially I stopped posting because my motivation to write anything at all was gone but as time has gone on I have realised that it is more that I am in a different place now than I was…

Posting daily was (I believe) another symptom of my BPD, but (as discussed with and agreed with by my therapist) I have been virtually symptom free of BPD (with only a few minor slips) for the best part of the last 3 months now, and especially the last month… Continue reading “On my way back to blogging”

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BPD Black and White Thinking and Don’t take my phone!

English: Sillitoe tartan pattern in black and ...
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Living with BPD is hard enough just with the daily emotional upheavals, constantly shifting up and down, empty, numb, or deep painful intense feelings, but the black and white thinking well that just makes things confusing…
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What happens when a person with BPD ends a relationship

Relationships can be difficult at the best of times. Every relationship has its own trials and tribulations, ups and downs. Life is tough, relationships are tough. But if you are in a relationship with a Borderline things can be much tougher than they are in any other relationship.

The decision to end a relationship can be a long drawn out decision about what is right or wrong for whom. Or it can be swift, bought on by some event that causes things to pass a repairable state. Such is life, we’ve all been there, BPD or not.

The biggest difference between these situations and the end of a relationship with someone with BPD is the huge amount of chaos, trauma and confusion that go go with it.

If the non-BP breaks up with the BP the likelihood is the decision will be more straight forward, in terms of how relationships come to and end as described above, but what is going on when the BP ends the relationship Рwell that is what I am hoping to explain in this post.

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