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Mindful Writing

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In my creative writing workshop for mental health one aspect of writing I focussed on was mindful writing. But what is mindful writing?

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Different Types of Editing – how to choose what level you need as a writer

When I published Coffee Break Companion I acquired the services of an editor to help polish off my manuscript before I uploaded it to Createspace. Deciding who to use, and what services I required was a challenge, as I had no idea of the range of services available, where to look for an editor, or what help I needed to ensure my manuscript was publication ready. It’s a minefield for the uninitiated, but hopefully this post will help a little.

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How to Fictionalise your own experiences

Quotefancy-5284671-3840x2160A comment on a recent blog post asked me if I had any advice for fictionalising one’s own experiences to be able to share them as stories a little more detached from oneself. So, I thought as I have done this quite a lot in many of my short stories I would share a little on how that process works for me, hopefully it will be helpful to others attempting to do this. Continue reading “How to Fictionalise your own experiences”

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Writing Motivation – 10 top tips to get you writing

Writer’s block, it hits us all at times. Writing is challenging, occasionally this can lead us to lose a bit of motivation, especially if life is busy and hard too. I’m in this position at the moment, I’ve been so busy studying for my Pilates course, on top of working, that I’ve not had the time to write, and when I have I just can’t get the flow. So, how do you overcome this? What motivates you to write? or gets you out of a slump? Here are a few ideas of things that motivate me, that you might find helpful too 🙂

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