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Different Types of Editing – how to choose what level you need as a writer

When I published Coffee Break Companion I acquired the services of an editor to help polish off my manuscript before I uploaded it to Createspace. Deciding who to use, and what services I required was a challenge, as I had no idea of the range of services available, where to look for an editor, or what help I needed to ensure my manuscript was publication ready. It’s a minefield for the uninitiated, but hopefully this post will help a little.

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Running a Creative Writing for Mental Health Workshop

At the end of May I took a step in a new direction and held a workshop on Creative Writing for mental health, as I mentioned in my previous post on this topic.

I thought it would be nice to share how the workshop went, and a bit of information on the content I used for my lesson plan for the workshop, so if anyone else is interested in doing a workshop you could use this as a starting point for planning your own class… Continue reading “Running a Creative Writing for Mental Health Workshop”

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Thinking about college? 5 Tips for the BPD Student – Guest Post by Lauren

studying (Photo credit: English106)

Going to college or University is an exciting and scary time for any student, if you have BPD the anxieties can be even greater. Lauren shares five tips to help those with BPD make the transition a little easier…

Higher education is the foundation of many fruitful careers; however, it is also a time of great instability for students. College students are especially prone to undergoing identity crises as assimilating to a new culture carries added social pressures to a competitive academic environment. Although this can be challenging for the average student, for a student with BPD, these factors can be debilitating and even devastating. Continue reading “Thinking about college? 5 Tips for the BPD Student – Guest Post by Lauren”

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Totleigh Barton – Arvon Writing Course. Part 5

The front of Totleigh Barton Manor, Devon, one...
The front of Totleigh Barton Manor, Devon, one of the writing centres of the Arvon Foundation, a charitable organisation promoting creative writing.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I wake up a bit later this morning, 7.30am, after having been awoken during the night with a major coughing fit that kept me awake for a while. I finish reading Utopia, have breakfast, get dressed and start writing before the morning workshop.

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10 years of Studying with the Open University

Sesame magazine
Sesame magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realised a few days ago that this year marks my 10th year of studying with the Open University but I have rarely mentioned anything about my studies on my blog. Today I will rectify that by sharing my learning journey with you…

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