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Natural Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder – Guest Post by Virginia

St Johns wortSerotonin levels are most directly responsible for the intensity of our moods and how positive our demeanour is overall. While not every mood swing can be attributed to an offset chemical response, there is always a possibility that there could be something off-kilter in that area of our health.

While there are plenty of prescription drugs for this, it can often seem unnecessary or even unsafe to take a prescription drug for what many would deem to be simply irritability or poor behaviour.

Yet, if your serotonin level is ideal, it’s going to be tough for you to feel good, much less keep your spirits up. These condition are often correlated to depression, anxiety, and even bipolar disorder.

Instead of treating this with prescription drugs, there are actually a lot of natural herbs and supplements that people have used for years with excellent results that are often better than those achieved via medication.

Here are four natural ways you can potentially treat borderline personality disorder (BPD):

1. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is backed by numerous medical studies and documented to be helpful for a variety of mood disorders. It’s also probably the most popular of the natural remedies and is to BPD what Tylenol is to headaches.

*You should not take St. John’s Wort in addition to prescription medication for BPD since it has a great effect on your serotonin; most of the prescription drugs inhibit serotonin production.*

2. Chamomile

Usually known in the form of a tea, chamomile is a type of plant that is actually proven to calm you down and have a general soothing effect. Chamomile can help in a variety of ways, but it’s a good initial herbal treatment, so try it yourself to see if it has a significant effect on your mood. If it doesn’t, then you know that you’re going to need something stronger.

3. DHA

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is typically found in ocean fish, though can be taken as an over the counter supplement in capsule form. Studies have linked increased levels of DHA with longer length of time between mood swings in those with clinically diagnosed bi-polar.
It stands to reason that it could help the lower stakes of BPD issues as well.

4. SAM-e

Though your body naturally produces SAM-e  (which is actually an amino acid), lower levels of this amino acid can cause depression. SAM-e is responsible for your body’s production of serotonin and dopamine.

It’s recommended that you start with a low dose, somewhere between 400 and 600 mg per day and work your way up if necessary.

In clinical studies, taking a SAM-e supplement has proven to reduce the effects and relieve the symptoms of depression.

Quality of Life

Your quality of life can be improved by taking a supplement and not having to worry about the cost and side effects of a prescription from a doctor; you’ll be much better off.

Make sure that your symptoms are not the result of something that can’t be explained clinically (sometimes people have legitimate reasons for mood swings); however, if that’s not the case and you believe you have a problem producing serotonin or dopamine, try one of these supplements and see if you can improve your situation without getting the doctor involved.

Author Bio – Virginia Cunningham is a freelance health writer from the Los Angeles area who specializes in alternative medicine and supplements. As the mother of a son with special needs, she does her best to avoid the negative side effects of prescription drugs by using natural and herbal supplements.



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

8 thoughts on “Natural Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder – Guest Post by Virginia

  1. Hello, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and really want to go the natural rout instead of meds. I live in southern cali, do you have any recommendations on any types of physicians or someone I could see who would help me do this naturally? My husband is really pushing for the meds because that’s all he knows and unless I’m seeing a professional to help me do this naturally, I am going to end up on meds.


    1. I live in the UK so don’t really have any helpful knowledge of physicians that could help you, sorry. I’m not sure how medical care works in the US but here i the UK I would suggest speaking to your family doctor for someone wanting advice on the natural route to find a reliable source of support, not sure if that is something you could do?


  2. Bach Flower Remedies have been very helpful to me with Bipolar Disorder & Borderline traits. Bach Rescue Remedy is superb for putting mood back into balance & with the chaos of a Bipolar/Borderline mind this can be a very comforting thing.


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