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Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013
Eurovision 2013 – Photo Credit Wikipedia

Yes, I know it was at the weekend but I didn’t have time to write a post then, but did you watch?

I did and I loved it!

I even got my kids to watch with me, it was the first time either of them had ever seen it, and they were pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed it too – if only to take the mickey out of how funny some of the acts were and try to grasp the political voting – which they were disgusted about which just made me laugh all the more…

So – did you guess the winner?

I thought it would be fun to share my facebook statuses that were written as I watched so you can see what I thought (along with the comments – anonomised for my friends’ benefit, but included as they make things even funnier! lol)

Did I guess the winner? Read on to find out! 😉 hehe

Opening – 

Me – Awwww loving the Eurovision caterpillar & butterfly! =D

Me – Why don’t we get to vote by mobile app!? No fair!

The Songs –

Me – Liking Lithuania’s song but the poor guy hasn’t really got much ‘pizazz’ lol

X – Agree – do you think he’s got a hangover?

Me –  his eyes look a bit ‘odd’ lol

X – that’s what I was thinking! lol

Y – come and join us x x x

Me –  hehe in my Pj’s with my munchies all around me  xx

Y –  so wear ur pjs here lol and bring the munchies

Y –  we have a game to play with rules lol and drinking rules too hahaha x x

Me –  haha no alcohol for me tonight, still full from last night! lol xx

Me – Moldova’s dress is amazing! 😀

X – shame the song isnt!!! lol

Me – Yeah, not the best song lol

Z – yh usually if they need to glorify the lights, they’ll probably sing shit…

Me – lmao, Finland’s song and outfit are just funny, that is all…

Me – Why are Spain playing Bagpipes!?

X – Indeed – you might ask (as you probably will later on), why are Greece wearing kilts????

Z –  supporting each other?

Me – spoilers!! lol can’t believe Graham did that with Finland’s song

X – sorry, will give you spoiler alerts in future

Me – hehe

Z – spoiler: some of these people are shit singers!!!

A –  Kilts and bagpipes are not unique to Scotland! </QI nerd mode>

Me – Yeah but Spain? lol

X – Good point, now that you mention it, the guards outside the houses of parliament in Athens wear sort of kilt things…..

Me – hehehe Belgium’s singer is almost as rigid as his backing dancers!

X – And those eyebrows! They were going up and down every few seconds!

Me –  hehe Cadbury’s eyebrow advert returns!

Me – Liking Estonia, but why black and white?

Me – Nice entrance Belarus! Very reminiscent of Shakira (the song)

B – That’s what I was thinking like the dresses also

Y – more holly vallance

Me –  yeah, my favourite so far!

Me –  Yeah started sounding shakira, but defo more HV now

Me – OMG I love it Malta!!! hehehe

 X – Best one so far?

Me – Ohh yes, love it! hehe

X – He looks like he’s about 16, but love the song!

Y –  Its the ukulele lol im sure that man works at the chippy lol BRITTANIA!!!

Me – He can’t be that young, he’s a doctor isn’t he?

X – Shows how much attention I’m paying! Too much Facebook!!!!! lol

Me –  haha yeah he does look like one of the chippy guys

Me – Okay my Malta is my favourite so far 😀

C – mine too  x

What Graham!? Malta’s song ‘not right’ for Eurovision? really?

 X – Ha ha, stealing my status posts now!!!

Me – haha great minds think alike! hehe

X – You got it! lol

Me – Russia – bring back Tatu!! lol

X – Too right!!

Me –  Ohh yes Cascada!!!! Please!!!

X – okay, NOW I feel like dancing!!!!

Me – 😦 ohh gutted Who gave Cascada a bad song 😥

X – It could be a lot worse! It kind of makes me want to dance – is that the wine???!!!!!

Me – Must be the wine, Cascada songs are usually much better than this! lol

D – It’s only because it’s pretty much a rule that the songs have to be shit

D – They can sing anything they want and choose real artists and yet they are always awful, I don’t understand it.

Me –  true! lol

X –  I once spent a whole weekend painting my house listening to the same Eurovision track on repeat……..

D – Is this woman real? Also did she say or-oh…instead of euro..

Me – why are we discussing the eyebrows and noses of the Armenia group in my house?

Z – no idea… maybe just because the Armenia people have weird eyebrows and noses?

Me – Need to go the loo thank heavens its break time! lol

X – Trust me, you’re much better off in the loo than putting up with this lady…..

Me  – Not impressed Netherlands, sorry!

Me – Sat on my front door step with all the doors open so I can have a fag but not miss any of Eurovision lol

Y – ‘friend’ removed me because of eurovision status’s ooopppsss x

Me – oops wonder if I get removed by people!? hehe

Me – Sounds like something from an old musical gone wrong Romania!

D – If he doesn’t win, I’ll cry.

X – You need to see this Sharon!

X – Can you see the TV from the doorstep Sharon? lol

Me – Yeah seeing it lmao – Jafar much?

D – That was impressive for a man.

Me – Second climbing dress of the night! haha

Z – no comment :L

Me – WTF has happened to Bonnie’s voice?

X – Too much plastic surgery – can’t move her mouth properly!!!!

Me –  lmao, sounds like she’s had throat cancer or something!?

X – Hope not, now I feel like a b**ch

Me – I doubt it, just sounds like it to me lol

X – Well, there’s no mention of it in that fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia, s I think it’s the plastic surgery

Me – Liking Sweden actually – but not as much as Malta!

Me – Awww Hungary so sweet! 😀

Me – Okay so malta, hungary and estonia my top 3 so far 🙂

Me – Change that, Denmark to win!

X – Amazing voice!

X – Okay, Im actually listening to the words as well, which is unusual at the Eurovision, and I like them!!!

Me – beautiful voice, beautiful woman, great song and love the little whistly bits too

X –  agreed – gorgeous girl, great stage presence, would be a travesty if she didn’t win….

Me –  Even Graham agrees!

X –  Denmark’s lyrics: Eye for an eye, why tear each other apart, please tell me why, why do we make it so hard, look at us now
we only got ourselves to blame, it’s such a shame, How many times can we win and lose, how many times can we break the rules
between us, only teardrops, How many times do we have to fight, how many times till we get it right, between us, only teardrops

Me – Beautiful!

X – Yeah – talk about reading whatever you want into songs….. xx

Me –  Ohh yes…

Me – Mmmm Iceland’s singer is HOT and the song is very seductive…

X -getting a bit hot under the collar? lol

Me – Ohhh yes! Hmmmmm yummy!

Me – Mr Azerbaijan loves himself much!

X – I feel a bit sorry for the guy in the glass box!

Me – Yeah that’s a bit weird…

E – now its the crystal maze

X – okay, this is getting weirder by the second…

Me –  hahahaha ohh yes indeed! lmao

Me – No Greece No, Just NOOOOO!!!!

X – I quite agree. Did I tell you my mum is Greek? Ha ha!

Me –  Wtf are they doing!???

X – I can’t beat that comment Sharon – I’m literally lost for words!!!!

Me – Cheryl Cole much Ukraine? with a giant!?

X – And a nose job….

Me –  hehe song not bad though

X –  I’m just waiting for her to fall off that rock – mean aren’t I…

Me –  I want her butterfly ring!

X – And she’s got a butterfly ring…

X – ha ha we’re at it again…

Me – you noticed too! hehe

X – okay, this is getting ridiculous..

Me – God help people if we were out together! lol

X-  It doesn’t bear thinking about!!! xx

Y – lol

Me – Ohh I dunno I reckon it would be fun! hehe

X –  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I was just feeling sorry for the ‘people’ involved – they wouldn’t know what hit them!!!

Me – hahaha indeed! lol

X – I think it would be safer to stay in

Me – For them maybe… x

X – xx

Me – Italy looks like he is holding in a massive fart…

Z – what do you expect, he’s shit… :L

Me – can he actually move?

Z – nah, they had to carry him onto the stage :L

Me – Ohh he moved!!

Me – Norway, I want your dress please! liking the song too though 🙂

X – I think I’d need a flatter stomach before chancing it!!!

Me –  hehe

Me – Georgia – get a room already! lol

Me – Bugger this romantic shite’s gonna do well isn’t it? 😦

Me – Last song 😦 Ireland…

X – where has the evening gone? I’ve only had one glass. Must get another one….

Me – Those tattoo’s don’t look real!

Me – Not bad Ireland, have to say..

Me- Denmark 12 points, Malta 10, then Hungary, Iceland, Norway Belarus, Sweden and Ukraine for me… 🙂

Break before results – 

Me – This is just bonkers! lol

X – I bet not many comedians can hit a top note like that!

Me – Yeah, not a bad voice considering!

Me – hahaha loving this sketch! bit! Memories! lol

X – Go Celine Dion!!

X –  Indeed – LOVE this song!!!!!!!! 1987!!!

X – Sorry, I meant Logan, this is moving too fast…

Me – haha that was fun!

X – Definitely!

Me – Whit woo! Hello Eric!! Mmmmm

Me – Who is this singing now? Can she win?

X – Have no idea! Now way! She was the annoying woman you missed when you were in the loo!

Me –  haha

Y – euphoria? she was the winner from last year lol

X – Shows how much we know, eh Sharon?

Me – I was a bit ‘occupied’ this time last year… lol

X –  I almost dare not ask…..

Me –  hehehe

X – Okay, now I’m fascinated. Binary it??!!

Me –  pm lol

X –  oh good lol

Results – 

Me – Greece? why?

X – San Marino gave Greece 12 points – and according to Graham, this often happens! Just wondering why?

Me –  Hmmm more politics?

X –  Unfortunately, I think so…..

Me – This Swedish guy looks like a manga cartoon!

X – Ha ha!

Me – Denmark!! Yes Thank You UK voters!!! 😀

Me – yes! get in Denmark!!!! whoop whoop keep it up!!!

X – Are you jumping around your living room yet?

Me –  not quite, too many countries left to vote! lol

Me – Stop giving points to Ukraine!!!!! :@ lol

Me – Loving it, Denmark storming away! 😀


Z – Motherf**kers :L

Me –  They were the BEST!

Z –  i dont care, i live in the uk, so i wanted uk to win, with my second choice being norway, cos margaret’s gorgeous :L

Z – survival of the fittest and all that :L

Me – Well as well as choosing the winner I also guessed two more of the top 5 (Norway and Ukraine) in my list, so not bad on my choices
this year 🙂

X – Where did Malta come?

X –  It was my turn for a loo break

Me –  8th I think

Me – Very much enjoyed that, time for bed now then, gotta get the lawns done in the morning before we get rain again!!!
Nite Nite all, sweet dreams 🙂 xx

And finally for those who missed it here is the wonderful, winner Emmelie De Forest from Denmark singing ‘Only Teardrops’

So, there you have it, a belated running commentary of Eurovision 2013 – Yes I guessed the winner! Whoop Whoop

How did you get on? Do you like watching Eurovision?



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

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