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Tired of being on the ground? Start a journey with the RC Hobbies on Air – Guest post by Jose

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3, 2, 1…take off.

Flying RC aviation toys such as RC airplanes and RC helicopters is an exciting hobby; you can think that you have experienced everything, but I’m here to tell you this: there is a trendy activity out there that is gaining more and more followers just because it is fun. Many people who already enjoy aviating with an aircraft are taking their flight one step farther, while some are attaching cameras at the cockpit of the airplane to see the world from a different perspective; others are organizing airshows to exhibit their skills with these toys.

It is a known fact that this hobby requires a lot of practice and dedication, to fly these toys is a pleasant and unique challenge, and once you get advanced in your training, the only thing you can think about is to go to the next step. I have to warn you, this hobby is addictive and contagious; once you see an RC helicopter or RC airplane in the air; you want to know more about it.

Many options are there to choose from; these toys are in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles, this hobby is for almost all ages, men and women can do it, and outdoors and indoors alternatives are available in the market. The industry is really thinking about the hobbyists that enjoy these toys, and putting all the cards in the table so everyone can have a great time flying.

RC Aviation Toys: Calm and Relaxation

One of the things that many hobbyist report (I’m one of them) about their flight time, is that they enjoy the experience in every phase. Flying an RC toy can give you more than an amusing moment; it is also a great time to relax and let things flow, stopping to think about the worries of life and satisfy your body and mind with a stress free moment.

This hobby can be practiced at night; in fact, the RC airplanes as well as the RC helicopters are equipped with “night lights” which are LEDs that make your aircraft to look awesome in the dark. I personally enjoy flying my F 18 plane at sunset in an artificial lake near my house; it brings calmness and peace to my heart, and whenever I have time to do it, I get my jet plane and aim for the stars.

Unique and popular Toys

The hobby of flying RC toys is becoming a trend, and there are good reasons for that; it is something like flying a kite but at a whole different level.  Among the motives people have to enjoy these aircrafts are:

  • They are fun: These toys are too much fun; the speed they reach as well as the tricks you can make with them are simply awesome, and make everyone to have a good time.
  • Unique toys: Try to think about any other flying toy that can reach speeds of 50 mph; can be remotely controlled, with a great look, and be fun and safe to operate; I think you are going to struggle finding something similar.
  • Showy objects: One of the things that I really enjoy with RC airplanes and RC helicopters; is that people seems to be attracted by these objects, their flying nature (I think) is the key for them to have an audience. I love to be surrounded by people, not to be the center of the show, but because of my social nature.
  • The challenge: Many, many people is attracted to this hobby and with enough practice they realize how good  they are while flying, so what happens is that they gather and form teams to improve their skills, try new things, compete each other, and all in the name of fun.
  • Make money: Some folks are going beyond, competing and wining prizes for what they like to do, and showing their skills in the air with these fantastic toys.
  • Aerial video: Want to see the world from the sky? Well, something I did last summer was to attach a small camera to my 3.5 channel Gyro helicopter (I forgot to tell you that I also have an RC helicopter) and took some video; the view was amazing. Aerial photography and video is something you want to do with these toys.

What is next? – Start with your hobby

One of the main questions newbies ask before starting to fly is: What is the best aviation toy for me? And the answer is very simple, in fact; you want to start with an aircraft that fits your own requirements; think for a moment what you want to do with it, outdoors or indoors? How big? Answering these questions will help you to understand what type of airship you want.

Also a great think to do is to start practicing with simulators, you can find great simulators in the internet for free, and thus you will get the first sense of flying an RC aviation toy; you will be surprised, the feeling even in the simulator is very unique, so this is also a step you want to make in order to start with your hobby.

Take a look at the RC hobbies on air; get your first aviation toy and start enjoying with your RC airplane or RC helicopter. Join a club or forum in the internet so you can learn more about these flying objects that are all around us.

Jose Lozano is an engineer who has passion for the RC Airplanes and RC Helicopters; he started with this hobby at the age of 10, and from there it all changed. Jose recently started a website at where he shares relevant information about these fascinating toys.



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

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