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Golden Girls Pool Team – End of the Summer League

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The Golden Cross Pub, Unicorn Hill, Redditch, Worcestershire, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The end of the summer league is upon us, all that remains is the Andy Darnley Cup and Summer League Final Rounds. The group stages ended with our final match on Wednesday 8th August.

We have been nothing if not consistent throughout the season… consistently bad 😦

Our best match of the season was against Studley Cricket Club on the 1st August, where we managed to win three games! 😀 Yep, that’s right 3, it meant we had still lost 8-3 to Studley CC but we were all really pleased to have finally scored something other than 10-1 or worse 11-0 as we had for all our other games…

In our final match the score was  which means our results for the entire season stand as:

Date Opponents Score
2nd May Studley CC 11-0
9th May Bronx Bullets 10-1
16th May Mostly Oasty 10-1
23rd May Trades 11-0
30th May Stoppit 10-1
6th June Oast House Invaders 10-1
13th June Monksmen 10-1
27th June Oast House Invaders 10-1
4th July Monksmen 11-0
11th July Stoppit 11-0
18th July Trades 11-0
25th June Mostly Oasty 11-0
1st August Studley CC 8-3
8th August Bronx Bullets 11-0

Our total points out of 14 games was 9, leaving us bottom of our group (Group C) and bottom of the league. The team to come second from last was our fellow Golden Cross team, The Cross Cues from Group D with 34 points. The top of the league scores are far more impressive with the top teams from each group being:

Group A – Rubery Social 140 points
Group B – Cannibals 129 points
Group C – Bronx Bullets 147 points
Group D – Duke of York 145 points

We wish all the teams playing in the various final stages of the Summer League the best of luck!

We are facing The Kings Cavaliers in Round 1 of the Andy Darnley Cup next week, if we are lucky enough to get through that match we’ll be in the Quarter Finals – will let you know how that turns out… 😉

Despite our poor performance in the Group stages we have enjoyed taking part, we’ve had fun and learnt a lot. Although we have not really won any more games than we did at the start of the season we are playing better. And our youngest member may even be looking at a chance of playing for county, another thing we will keep you updated on!

The disappointment of continually losing has shown itself in our interactions, for a few weeks we had a major lull in interest, and moral was not what it was at the beginning of the season. We were distracted and close to crumbling, having had a number of times where we struggled to have a full team for our matches due to holidays and working patterns of our core team, and the unwillingness of most other girls to actually play despite having originally signed up with enthusiasm. But, after a chat amongst the available members just before our match against Studley CC and the subsequent much improved result, we realised we could do this and with a bit more effort and enthusiasm we can return for the winter league, hopefully stronger and more committed to a serious attempt to perform well.

We had a team meeting the following Monday and are making arrangements to purchase team tops and hopefully secure ourselves a few additional players who will have the same commitment that our core six do.

Our core six who have remained committed throughout the season, and to whom we owe many thanks and much appreciation, are:

Helen Hewlett
Lindsay Bingham
Mandi Foster
Sam Warman
Alison Howard
Sharon Howard


Special thanks also goes to our girls who have been a saving grace:

Faye Upton – too many late shifts prevented regular play but she shined when she was available, and we hope she will stay to play when she can in the Winter league!

Jodie Pratt – Moved to Bromsgrove as a new mom, we miss her!

Ellie Kerans – stepped up for our final few games and was a welcome addition, we hope she will join us for the winter league!

Kayleigh Brazier – Barmaid roped in who has discovered she enjoys the game and wants to sign up for winter, we look forward to having you on board! (even if you are restricted to home games!)

We look forward to returning in the Winter league to face our new group of opponents, and hopefully score a few more wins! Until then we’re off to get some more practise and see how we get on in the Andy Darnley Cup!!

If there are any Redditch Girls out there who would like to join the ONLY all female Pool Team we are welcoming new sign-ups for the Winter League – you must be able to commit to regular attendance of practise on Monday’s and matches on Wednesdays, if you can do that get yourself down to the Golden Cross on Unicorn Hill and ask for the GOLDEN GIRLS (at least one of us is usually around at most times!) 😀



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

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