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Still alive! and back from Holiday early

English: The Walls of Dubrovnik with the Minče...
The Walls of Dubrovnik with the Minčeta Tower. Dubrovnik is the capitol of the Dubrovnik–Neretva County, in Croatia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, I am still alive and kicking, here and well…

I was on holiday this week, I say was because I came back early, I’ll explain that in a moment. First I just wanted to apologize for the emptiness of my blog of late, I cannot and will not promise that there will be a return to daily posts as my life just does not feel like it is moving that way currently, but for now I am here and will post as/when I have something to say/share. 

I do have a couple of guest posts lined up for the next few days, that will keep you going for a little bit maybe? 😉

So, I had explained before my holiday that I was struggling for inspiration to write anything at all, let alone daily blog posts. I’m just in a strange place at the moment.

I had hoped my holiday would help. My first ever proper trip abroad, by plane, alone. Just me and the sun in Korcula, Croatia (and meeting Ruth of Seba Silver whilst there).

I couldn’t sleep the night before my early morning flight, so I decided to read my post from earlier that day – big mistake!

I had a letter from the Tax credits office, that indicated there was a problem with my claim which could mean I had been overpaid by over £11,000. I tried hard not to stress about it, the letter said I should contact them before 3rd July to sort it out – I would be back from holiday on the 30th June anyway, no problem, sort it out when I return…

Well, of course things didn’t work out that way. I flew out to Croatia, tried to relax, unwind, enjoy myself. But I couldn’t do it, as much as I needed this break the threat of £11, ooo worth of debt hanging over my head had me in tears unable to enjoy myself. I just wanted to come home and sort it out. Sure, there was a good chance it was all a mistake, but I’ve never had a debt in my life and there is no way I can pay anyone £11,000 where would I get that sort of money?

A phonecall received on Monday topped it all off, I had to get back and sort it. I could not sit in my hotel room in tears worrying about it for the rest of the week.

So, I came home. I called up the airline, changed my flight and headed back.

I arrived home late Tuesday night, and first thing Wednesday morning I was on the phone to sort out what was going on. After a few calls it turned out to all be an error due to my son’s child benefit having stopped too early, and in fact I am owed money rather than me being the one owing.

So, I’m home, relaxed and happy that it’s all sorted, it was a shame to cut my holiday short but I feel much better to be back home and sorted than I would to be sat over there still thinking about it and unable to sort it until I returned – I can always have another holiday at some point now I know I’m not buried in debt!

Anyway, I’m plodding along again now, priority number one is trying to find a job. I’m sure I will keep you updated on things here and there and share any interesting tidbits I think of from time to time. Until I blog again, ttfn 😉

Best wishes and much love to all my loyal readers! 😀 xx



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

16 thoughts on “Still alive! and back from Holiday early

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad you got the debt issue resolved and ended up being in a better situation than you thought. It sux that your holiday was cut short though…

    Anyways, look forward to reading more once you get back into the groove of things.
    xoxo — Jas


  2. i am really glad you are back sharon i and i am sure many many others have missed you.
    im glad you got things sorted with tax credits and i know you have so much to offer an employee-u r superb and courageous


  3. Glad everything has worked out and won’t it be nice to have some extra money? Don’t feel too stressed about daily blogging right now. It’s a tough ask and while you do it so well , maybe it’s just not the right thing for you now. And that is ok. 🙂 Good luck on the job front!


    1. Indeed, it won’t be much but every penny counts 😉 Thanks for the good luck wishes, think I’m going to need it! The job-market is really bad at the moment :/ x


  4. We’re still here 🙂 not going anywhere.

    Damn, sorry your holiday had to be cut short because of the stress of that on your shoulders.

    Best of luck on the job hunt – rooting for you.


  5. Mary was in Dubrovnik when the country was still Yugoslavia, and said it was a beautiful place. I hope you plan on going back with the money that Inland Revenue (they still call it that, right?) owes you. Nothing is worse than when the taxman says you owe more and you know you don’t.


  6. so glad you got that matter straightened out and that it was to your advantage. I know what you mean about those kinds of issues. I can’t function hardly until I am sure that I have straightened everything out. Good luck on the job hunt! 😉


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