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New Things To Try in 2012 – A Bucket List Update

English: National Space Centre, Leicester. A s...
English: National Space Centre, Leicester. A show piece science centre with a real space rocket. The building looks like an inflated balloon! More info at and (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in January I posted my New Things to Try in 2012 bucket list, because I don’t do ‘resolutions’ preferring to set myself new challenges instead.

So, now we are almost half way through the year, how have I got on with my list of things to try? Have I done any/all of them, have I added to the list or done any other new/different things?

Well I’ll tell you… 😉

My original list was:

  • Visit the National Space Centre in Leicester – I’ve wanted to go for years, but for some reason never gotten round to going!
  • Visit Bletchley Park – The WWII National Codes and Cipher Centre, more geeky goodness
  • Visit Gaydon Motor Museum – the name gives this one away…
  • Visit Magna in Sheffield – Science Adventure Centre
  • Visit Glastonbury – not for the Festival (I went to a festival weekend a couple of years ago) I want to go for the ley lines ;)
  • Go on Safari in the UK – I discovered that does overnight safari’s in Kent! Should be a fun cheap way to have the Safari experience! ;)
  • Go to Whitby Gothic Weekend
  • Look into and maybe join in with Massobs – Mass Observation social research project.
  • Get my Amateur Radio License

I can say that there is only actually one thing on that list that I have actually completed so far, joining Massobs. I have written one of my first three directive responses for the project and hope to get the rest of the spring directives written before I go on holiday, so that I can get on to the summer ones when I return.

As for the rest of the list there are a few things I wont be doing…

The amateur radio license – I started going to the classes with my ex but I was only going because he wanted to do it and I didn’t enjoy it, then we split up so I didn’t continue with it.

I’m not sure how many if any of the day trips I will manage as some of them wont be much fun to do on my own, and my kids won’t want to go, so it will depend if I can drag someone along who will actually be interested!

I think pretty much the same applies to the weekend trips too… :/

So, the list I started with is a bit of a washout, but I have managed to try some new things that weren’t on my list! Most of these you will have seen blogs about, but I’ll summarise here…

  • I went to Arvon for a week’s writing course
  • I am volunteering in my local BHF charity shop two days a week
  • I’m doing a jewellery making course
  • I have become captain of an all girls Pool team at my local pub
  • I have booked my first solo holiday, I’m off to Croatia for a week later this month

Things I still want to do that I mentioned in the original post, but not on the list include:

  • Join an art class
  • Join a writing class
  • Go roller skating
  • Dancing

and I am writing lesson plans in the hope of being able to deliver a creative writing class to local young people myself after the summer (they will be too busy before then for it, and so will I!)

I still want to add more things to this list and hope to be able to report a very active second half of the year in my end of year review.

If you have any ideas of things for me to try (so long as they are not water/height based activities) please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

What new things have you tried this year?



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

16 thoughts on “New Things To Try in 2012 – A Bucket List Update

  1. I have yet to completely finish a bucket list. 😦 I hope I have the determination to finish it ;(


  2. Your therapist must be amazing (?)

    Talk about ‘behavioural action’. My psychologist tried this with me and I was so resistant. However, it comes down to personal strength and positivity too, of which you have lots of!

    You’re really someone I admire Sharon xx


    1. haha, if only. My therapist had nothing to do with this, it is something I have done for many years! I wish the strength and positivity would hold up more often than they do! 🙂 xx


  3. A GOTHIC WEEKEND!!!!!!! I used to live in Whitby, Ontario, Canada and was made fun of for being Goth! To hear there is a Whitby in the world the has a weekend for goths makes me so happy!!! Another reason why I need to move to the UK!


  4. I like bucket lists. They might change and often we can’t do things, but they give us a lot of motivation and excitement about ‘all the possibilities’. Life’s so full of amazing things we often never even realise are out there.
    You might not be able to do some things this year, but there’s always the rest of your life. We never know what’s around the corner 🙂


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