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Pool Match – Golden Girls vs Stoppit

What do you get when you combine a scantily clad all girls pool team, an all alpha-male pool team, sex-shop toys, a pub and a pool match?

The game between the Golden Girls and Stoppit – that’s what!

Yes, on Wednesday evening we had what is set to be the most interesting pool match of the season, I’m pretty sure it would be hard to top this night, which is a challenge for us, the Golden Girls, now as we have another match against Stoppit before the season is over!!

Let me tell you how things went down…

The first of the girls arrive at the pub early to get some practise in on both tables in the pub, not knowing yet which table we will be playing on this evening. By 4:30pm four members of our team are already here. The expectation is that this will be the match of the season; the reason – we are playing Stoppit, one of our fellow home teams at the Golden Cross. A team notorious for not playing quite to the rules (but not far enough out to get them in trouble with the league…) their intention – intimidate the opponent team; our intention put them off so they cannot play…

It is set to be an interesting night. The lads from Stoppit, the league and I have set the expectation of a messy night with our comments on the pool league forum…

Looking forward to the talcum powder being deployed tomorrow night ladies :-) – JE (Stoppit)

Oh no! You’re not in Team Stoppit’s group are you?
They’re bad enough in the presence of metro sexual men. Can only imagine what they’re like when actual women turn up… -Scorpion

If you are going to beat any team…..Stoppit could be the one……I predict a 6-5 to The Girls !! – Jazza

Absolute disgrace Jazza…what a total lack of respect for the Prem runners-up!! But in a strange way true!! As long as I am one of the 5 I dont care! – JE (Stoppit)

hehe, we are looking forward to our match against Stoppit this evening, it should be the game of the season! Worth coming down to be a spectator alone for anyone not playing tonight! ;) we know what the boys are expecting but they are going to get more than they bargained for! ;D – Me

They’ll be delighted with that! – Slimbo

That sounds rather ominous!?!? Are we to finally meet our match? I’m predicting some form of nakedness by 9 o’clock! – JE (Stoppit)

hahahaha hmmm ohh dear this is gonna be messy!!! – Me

messy???you aint played our lot from wythall!!!
stoppit will be changing their name in the winter to the golden girls – JM

We had a little surprise in store for the boys. Myself, as captain, and two or our other players are ‘dressing up’ for the occasion…

Ann Summers Cheerleader outfit, for me, stockings, suspenders and low-cut top for Mandi, and the lowest cut top in existence for Jodie (whose boobs are even bigger than normal due to the recent birth of her daughter Lily).

Plenty to distract the boys already you think? But that was not enough for us, seeing as we had been unable to convince the rest of the team to ‘slut’ up for the night we decided we would bring out the sex toys too…

7pm the first of our opponents arrive and take over the table. Our match will be in the lounge, which already puts us girls at a disadvantage as we all prefer to play on the table in the bar :/ oh dear…

We get accused of ‘cheating’ before the games even begin, just because of our outfits – but hey, at least we didn’t go for bikinis!! ;D

The first match gets under way and we decorate the table with dildos, fake vaginas and butt plugs. I dance whilst refereeing the games, the tiny skirt of my cheerleader outfit bouncing around, very distracting for the guys as they play.

Despite our best efforts we make it to the half way point without having won a single game, although with some of the shots the guys missed it is clear we did make it hard for them to play their best. We also managed to avoid being seven balled, the forfeits for that tonight would have been severe… All in all despite maintaining our losing streak in the first half we were pleased that the most balls we had left on the table in a game was 5, the least being 2.

The second half kicks off and by now the addition of much more alcohol has lead to even looser inhibitions. After the first match Mandi was playing  Jon (= JE, see forum comments above) and a new challenge was set – strip pool, for every ball potted by the opponent the player must remove an item of clothing – due to the lack of clothing Mandi was wearing this called for some ingenuity on the part of the girls team to prevent her ending up naked – we just about pulled it off, she lost the game with four balls left on the table but her dignity intact…

Then came the moment we were waiting for, while we were all busy messing about with the dildos and taking pictures away from the table one of our girls actually won her game. Faye, who was playing for the first time with us, beat her opponent Ian without any distractions from her team mates to affect his game! whoo hoo GO FAYE!! 😀

Unfortunately for Ian, losing his game came with a forfeit, he had to wear stockings and suspenders for most of the rest of the night!! Hehe

Next it was my turn for a game of strip pool against Elliott, unsurprisingly the idea of having to remove an item of clothing for every ball he potted (and two if I potted the white!) had me very distracted, I was not wearing much!! With five balls left on the table I lost the game and had to remove the final item of clothing, which everyone thought was the cheerleader dress that I had left on, having removed underwear from beneath it… however, my saving grace came in the fact that I had actually worn my normal knickers underneath the ‘foxy’ pants that were part of the outfit, so I removed my knickers and maintained my decency, just about!! phew!! I must remember if I am every playing strip pool again to wear two of everything! hahaha

So, the end result was Golden Girls 1 – Stoppit 10 but ohh boy did we have fun!! God help us all next time, who knows what we will come up with to top this!!

Watch this space, the next match of Golden Girls against Stoppit is on July 11th!! 


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3 thoughts on “Pool Match – Golden Girls vs Stoppit

  1. Lol nice blog shaz wot a nite eh -well done girlies we played well – look out Redditch pool league the girls r in town haha


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