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A dedicated follower of Fashion?

I had never really thought much about how many clothes I have (and continue to buy) until the other day when a couple of girls at the pub stopped me…

“How many clothes do you have?” said the one.

“Yeah, I never see you in the same outfit.” The other one commented.

So I told them I have three double wardrobes… and that doesn’t count the shelves and drawers.

“Wow, I feel poor, I don’t have many clothes” said the girl who, I must say, I  had noticed seems to regularly wear the same outfit.

“I love how you always look different”

“And, do you have lots of shoes too?”

“Not so many of those” but as I said it I immediately thought of just how many I do have, not that I wear most of them…

Maybe it is time for a sort out – of the shoes at least.

When it comes to clothes every time I get rid of anything because it is old, I don’t wear it any more or any other reason that I may have to clear out I end up buying more, and probably double the amount that I got rid of…

The thing is that unlike most people who have too many clothes I do wear 99% of what I own. There are only a few items that don’t get worn much, such as evening dresses and ballgowns. Of course there are outfits for special/certain occasions, and seasonal things, and fancy dress items. All things with good reason that I don’t wear them, but when those occasions arise I will wear them again, so I can’t get rid of them!!

The other thing that stands out to people about my wardrobe is the variety, I don’t have a single style or fashion I follow and actually often seek out more unusual things. I wear what I like, when I like regardless of what other people think (I wrote about this before here with pictures of some of my various outfits).

I have a very colourful wardrobe, lets take a look…

First we have the end door of my first wardrobe, here there are four shelves each containing different tops, probably over 100 tops altogether.

Vest tops, T-shirts, light weight sweaters, evening tops, corsets… the list goes on and a rainbow of colours from neons to black, pastels to white and everything in between.

  In the cupboard doors next to the shelves is my first wardrobe.

  This contains more tops, longer sleeved ones, sweaters, hoodies and
winter jumpers, again the array of colour is evident.

  Beneath them you can just spot a few shoes poking out, the shelf here is
covered with shoes and sandals, all shiny, fancy evening ones.

  You can probably see that below the cupboard there are four drawers.

  Each of these is also full of clothes, sports wear in two of them, swimwear in
another and work clothes (i.e. old tatty things) for when I do decorating,
gardening etc., in the fourth drawer.

  Moving across we have the seven drawer chest of drawers which is home to all my
underwear, tights and socks. Each of the seven drawers is packed to overflowing
and again (not that I’m showing you inside these drawers) the mixture of colours is
important to co-ordinate with my outerwear, lol.

Here is the main feature of my bedroom, my huge wardrobe…

With two double wardrobes, three drawers and three cupboards it is also full to
overflowing, you can see the end door isn’t shut properly, because it won’t close

In the three lower, middle drawers I have all my nightclothes, from pyjamas for
the winter, to little babydolls.

The three cupboards across the top are home to more shoes, boots, fancy dress
clothing and anything that didn’t seem to fit in right in another place…

  In the right hand wardrobe  we have my jeans, trousers, shorts and
office-wear (suits and blouses) on the bottom shelf are a collection
of boots. Even my jeans and shorts are not just blue denim, yellow,
pink, gold and silver are amongst the many shades you will find in

   Finally we get to my third wardrobe. This is where I keep all my
dresses and skirts, except for my ballgowns which are in special
boxes under my bed!

Even more shoes are barely visible beneath this collection.

The shoes I wear most often are on a shoe rack by my bedroom

That completes the tour of my wardrobes.

What do you think?

Do I have too many clothes for an ‘ordinary’ girl?

or do you have more than this!? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

5 thoughts on “A dedicated follower of Fashion?

  1. I dress differently depending on my current feelings about who i am, so i NEED a bigger wardrobe 😉 I look in the drawer and think…am I sensible Mum today? Teenage carefree hippy? Sporty spice? Scary?


  2. Nah! You can never have too many clothes and shoes! As long as you’re not putting yourself in to debt because of it, then go for it!

    Looks like you have a great selection of clothes going on there!

    Enjoy them! And enjoy your weekend.


    1. lol, luckily I’m not getting into debt for anything so it’s all good 😀 Hope you are feeling a bit better than you have been, I’ve read your posts just not had time to comment this week 😦 xx


      1. Glad you’re not in debt because of your collection then!

        No worries about not commenting. Thank you for reading 🙂 It’s been a tough week or two for sure. But we’re now doing med changes (once again) and will hopefully become more stable on something.

        Have a good weekend Sharon.


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