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Redditch Pool League – The Golden Girls

English: A British standard pool table, showin...
English: A British standard pool table, showing a cue ball and a red/yello ball close to the (smaller) pocket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are now four weeks in to the Summer league of the Redditch Pool Season, with ten weeks to go of the group stages before the finals rounds. The Golden Girls have found our core team members, our regular girls who turn up each week for practise and matches, and we have a nice selection of additional players for when they are required. Our first four matches have helped us learn a lot. We may not be winning but we are improving already and can only get better, right?… The results of our first four matches were:

  • Golden Girls vs Studley CC  11-0 to Studley CC
  • Golden Girls vs Bronx Bullets 10-1 to Bronx Bullets
  • Golden Girls vs Mostly Oasty 10-1 to Mostly Oasty
  • Golden Girls vs Trades 11 -0 to Trades

As you can see we have only won two games out of 44, which may not be an impressive result, but what stands out more to us is how close some of these games have been. We have only had the following bad results in games:

  • One player 7 balled
  • One player potted the black mid-game
  • 6 balls left on the table in 3 games

Our best games have seen us on par with our opponents, all our balls potted, the win coming down to being the first to get the black in the pocket…

  • All balls potted – 5 games
  • One ball left – 4 games
  • two balls left – 3 games

Special mention needs to go out to our two star players to date, the girls who have won a game – HELEN and MANDI!

Both girls played really well and the wins have boosted they confidence greatly as neither thought they could play very well! Our most recent match (against Trades) was actually more difficult than we expected because we were all really struggling to play in the heat. Our cues were not sliding smoothly off our sticky, sweaty hands and we were all hot and flustered in general. This is not an excuse for a poor performance, just an observation of how we felt! Some of us even resorted to chalking our hands as well as the tips of our cues just to help them slide more easily – it didn’t help nearly enough and we just ended up looking like we had smurf hands! lol I think if it is hot again for next weeks match I may bring some talcum powder for us to rub on our hands before we play!

Things I have noticed about our playing that are important for us to continue improving and hopefully winning more games are:

  • We suck at breaking – to get a fair break four balls must hit the cushions on the break, we seem to not be able to manage this often enough and it really distracts and frustrates you when a foul break is the first thing that happens in your game.
  • We play better when our opponents are stronger players – no offence to other teams, but while we still don’t win our game playing is much better when our opponents are the strongest (premier league players) the only reason we don’t win then is because we just don’t get a chance to get back on the table if we come off because they are so good, but better players definitely help us to play better too!
  • We don’t play so well when we are too hot – as described above, lol
  • Some of our players play better if they have had a few drinks, others should avoid alcohol while playing
  • Sometimes we take the ‘easy’ shot (a ball over a pocket) when in fact it would be better to play a different shot and save the easy one for when we need it!
  • The order in which we play is important, having watched the performance of my team mates over the past four weeks I have recognised that certain players do better if they play early and others are not so affected by ‘when’ it is their turn, this will help we plan the order of play for future games.

As result of noticing these things I am planning to arrange an additional practise session for our core group of players to focus on breaking and avoiding the ‘easy shots’. I’m hoping I can round up one of the guys from our fellow home teams to help guide us in this session!

Many of the teams we have played have commented on how nice it is to have a girls team in the league, and everyone has been very nice, friendly and welcoming. We have received a lot of praise for how well we play and encouragement to keep going. All of this helps us to remain motivated despite the results and more importantly we are still having fun, which for us was the whole point of doing this.

Sure, winning would be great, but at the end of the day ‘Girls just Wanna have Fun!’ 😉 With a bit of luck and hard work we may have some better results to report when I update you again…


Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

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    1. Thanks Quiet, we are having fun! It is so nice to have something positive and social to look forward to regularly! 😀


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