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Flash Fiction – Forbidden

Scraesdon Fort - Steps leading down to lower l...
Scraesdon Fort – Steps leading down to lower levels Down down down we go into the eerie blackness below (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time seemed to move slowly as Amanda felt herself gliding through the air, well not so much gliding but still…

Each tumble felt like it would be the last as the concrete of the steps connected with her body.

She heard screams, and clenched her eyes shut tight, unsure if the noise was coming from herself or someone else.

Terrified, yet peaceful at the same time, she waited for the inevitable.

It would stop then, the pain, the fear, would all be over, when she reached the bottom.

At last there came an almighty crunch but Amanda didn’t hear it, didn’t feel it as her neck snapped against the second from last step. Her body crumpled in a heap at the bottom…


Slowly she flickered her eyes open. Was she dead? Not daring to mover she tried to focus her eyes. All she could see was glaring whiteness. A hospital?


Tom watched as the girl opened her eyes briefly then faded back into unconsciousness. He wondered how long she would continue to drift, it had been 6 weeks now.

Not once had she done anything more than open her eyes, look confused, then fade again.

Amazingly her body was healing well after the mess he found her in.

40 steep, concrete steps and the girl had been a bloody, messed up pulp at the bottom.

Had she fallen from the top?

Part way down?

Was she pushed?

He had no idea. All he knew was there was no-one else around when he found her and in these days emergency services were only available to those who could pay.

So, he did what he could, by himself, grateful that he had once worked in a hospital before they privatised even the portering.

He wasn’t a doctor but he had seen enough to know not to move her immediately. he had carefully checked to see if she was alive, found a slow but steady pulse. Ripping up his t-shirt he stemmed the bleeding where he could. From the position of her head it seemed likely she had broken her neck.

How could he get her away from here safely if her neck was broken?

He couldn’t just leave her to die; although without medical care – which there was no hope of –  he didn’t know how she would have much chance of surviving anyway. And if she lived, would she be able to move again?

Tom knew he’d need help to move the girl safely, so he pulled his iPhone out and called the only person he knew would have any idea what to do, Claire. Before the Troubles Claire had been a paramedic what better person to help him? Shit, she even had her emergency response vehicle still so maybe she would have some kit that would help save the girls life?


Opening her eyes again, this time Amanda was able to focus. She could tell from the sensations around her body that she had healed completely.

This was not good, she had chosen the remotest place she could find to try and destroy this body. What foolishness had led to it surviving, human bodies were supposed to be fragile, weak, easily disposed of.

Now she was trapped here in the body of this girl instead of returning to her world. Rage engulfed her, she would destroy them all for this, what would they call it? Compassion? How dare one of these beings heal this body – she wanted to get out of it so badly!

She sat up and saw a man working across from her, his back to her. Lips moving in unspoken words she made him turn and face her.

The destruction of Earth would begin with this man…

On seeing his face she stopped her chant – could it be?

Destruction may have to be postponed for a while, there was something here that mattered more than returning home, and this man was the start of something big…



Self-published author whose first book Coffee Break Companion, a collection of short stories and poems is now available on Amazon. S.L.Grigg lives in Bromsgrove with her family. Working in the NHS and enjoying reading, Pilates and travel, amongst other things when she isn't too busy writing.

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